Available NOW eSign!!

We’ve made signing for a loan even more convenient! With eSign you can close you’re loan from anywhere. The SECURE, EASY and FAST way to sign loan... Learn More

Bill Pay Overview

Tired of writing checks and buying stamps? Now our members can: Pay your bills from a easy to use site Pay person to person Configure... Learn More


55 & Older, take advantage of our Special Benefits: 2 free boxes of checks per year 10 free photocopies per month Free use of the coin machine... Learn More

GCCU Mobile App!!!!

GCCU is happy to announce the release of its first Mobile app!!! The app is available for Apple and Android users. Check it out today!!!

New Bill Pay System Available 4/6/16

General Information Gratiot Community Credit Union has launched a new, enhanced, online bill pay. Our new system includes features that make this valuable tool even... Learn More

Get BIG Protection in a Tiny Chip

Introducing chip technology for Gratiot Community Credit Union Gratiot Community Credit Union has begun the process of converting its Visa credit cards to the new... Learn More

NEW: Courtesy Pay Program!

If you would like to sign up for Courtesy Pay program on Debit/ATM transaction please click HERE and follow the instructions. Gratiot Community Credit Union (GCCU)... Learn More

New Regulation D Violation Fee

New Regulation D Violation Fee Regulation D is a directive of the Federal government that is imposed on all financial institutions (banks and credit unions).... Learn More


Starting a new business adventure? Expanding an already successful business? Now Gratiot Community Credit Union can help! We have developed a variety of business serivces... Learn More