CU*TALK is a robust voice response solution, providing around-the-clock financial services to members from anywhere in the world. With available Spanish-language options and the ability to deliver special messages to individual members, CU*TALK provides a wonderful service to members.

Dial 1-800-860-5704

Our Credit Union Number is 028

Your account number is the base number, it will ask for suffixes only for certain operations (Example 123456(base) -001(suffix))

Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

You will be prompted to change your PIN the first time you use CU*Talk and will remain the number that you change it to.

CU*Talk is able to:

  • Perform transfers within the same base account number
  • Give up to the minute account balances
  • Give interest rates on certificates and loans
  • Give loan quotes
  • Tell you what checks have cleared
  • Tell you your last 5 transactions
  • Transfer between 2 base accounts after pre-arranging this function at the Credit Union

If you experience any difficulties during this phone call, please feel free to contact the Credit Union at (989) 463-8321, we will be happy to assist you.