Fee Schedule

Gratiot Community Credit Union Fee Schedule
Effective December 1, 2023, the following fees may be charged on your GCCU account:
ACH On Demand Deposit $10.00
Assistance in balancing accounts (per hour) $25.00
ATM/VISA/DEBIT replacement of additional cards (per card) $10.00
Cashiers Check: Made payable to yourself or another party $2.00
Cashiers Check: On-Us check replacement for non-member third party/merchant $15.00
Check cashing fee for accounts under 3 services or under $100 balance (No check cashing fee for minors under 18 or senior citizens) $3.00
Close Christmas Club before November 1 or Vacation Club before June 1 $10.00
Close accounts within 90 days of opening $10.00
Coin Machine 4% Members
8% Non-Members
Copy of Drafts (in house print) $1.00
Copy of Drafts (processor ordered) $3.00
Copy of Statements (per month) $2.00
Courtesy pay fee (per item) $28.00
Dormant Account Fee: Accounts with no activity for 1 year and less than a $1000 balance (unless they have a Visa or IRA or the member is under 16 years old) The charge is taken monthly $10.00
Draft Cost (new and reorder) Varies
Escheat Fee $75.00
Fax service (per page) $1.00
Foreign card ATM use (our machine non-GCCU card) $3.00
Garnishement Processing Fee (effective September 1, 2018) $25.00
GCCU card ATM fee: You are allowed unlimited use at our machine (no charge); and unlimited transactions at other locations without GCCU charging you (note: foreign machine owners may charge you a fee to use their machine) $0.00
Gift card fee $3.00
History (per month) $1.00
Home equity application fee $150.00
Land contract – payments (each payment) $5.00
Land contract – set up $15.00
Late payments on loans (10 or more days late) $20.00
Money order fee: (per money order for members) $1.50
Money order fee: (per money order for non-member) $2.00
Money order/Cashier’s check fee / On-Us replacement for non-member third party/merchant $15.00
Notary service: (per document for member) $0.00
Notary service: (per document for non-member) $1.00
NSF fee (Insufficient Funds) both shares & share drafts $28.00
Payment by Debit/Credit Card

Tier 1     $0.00 to $299.99
Tier 2    $300.00 to $599.99
Tier 3    $600.00 to $899.99
Tier 4    $900.00 to $1,199.99
Tier 5    $1,200.00 to $1,500.00



Photocopies (per page) $0.25
Regulation D violation fee (A $5.00 fee will be accessed for every covered savings transfer/withdrawal that exceeds the monthly limit of 6. Fees will be debited from the member account in violation on the last day of the month.) $5.00
Re-open account within 6 months of closing one $5.00
Returned Deposit Item Charge $15.00
Returned statement with a forwarding and we re-mail $1.00
Skip-A-Payment $15.00
Stop payment on a check or an ACH transaction $20.00
Third party payments (each payment) $5.00
Travel money card fee: (first issue) $6.00
Travel money reload fee: (reload at credit union) $1.00
VISA Annual Charge $0.00
VISA microfiche copy or statement reprints $5.00
Wire transfers (incoming) $5.00
Wire transfers (outgoing) Regular $30.00 Foreign $50.00

Approved by the Board of Directors on November 28, 2023.