NEW: Courtesy Pay Program!

If you would like to sign up for Courtesy Pay program on Debit/ATM transaction please click HERE and follow the instructions.

Gratiot Community Credit Union (GCCU) Courtesy Pay is a service offered at no additional cost to our members who maintain share draft (checking) accounts in good standing. Courtesy Pay assists members with short-term payment needs, provides members with convenience, and assures that mistakes made in a member’s check register will not inadvertently result in a returned item, thereby helping members retain good credit and reputation with merchants and the financial community.

Under the Courtesy Pay program, a member of GCCU may overdraft his or her share draft (checking) account by means of draft, check, CU*Easy Pay item, electronic item, or ATM and one-time debit transaction. We may, at the Credit Union’s sole discretion, pay his or her reasonable overdrafts as a non-contractual courtesy. Generally, we will not pay an overdraft in total excess of $500 including fees. The Credit Union will charge the member a fee for each item paid on that member’s account as set forth in our Fee Schedule.

A member may not overdraw his or her account under Courtesy Pay and redeposit those funds into his or her account.

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